twitter1I’ve been a user of Twitter for well over a year now and have made some useful contacts and connections as a result. It’s even resulted in some business – but that’s not the reason that I Tweet (to use the jargon). However, last Friday I found that my Twitter account had been hacked into and someone (or something) was sending out Tweets from my account @TrevorLever.

Well I had heard of this sort of thing happening to celebrities. But why would someone want to do this to my account? Could it be the start of some identity theft scam? It left me with a very funny feeling about social networking (You can also find me on Facebook, Ecademy and LinkedIn) and has made me think twice about passwords, secuity and working in internet cafe’s.

Currently @TrevorLever is sending out Tweets with links to porn sites. Honest it’s not me. I’ve spent the best part of this weekend notifying all those that follow me of what’s happened as I have clients, friends and family following me.

So I have had to create a new Twitter account: @RealTrevorLever

If you are following @TrevorLever – please unfollow and follow @RealTrevorLever

The moral? I’m not sure – I need to think about that one a bit more.


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