Friction between the sales and marketing department is, sadly, all too common. I recently ran a workshop for a company that was trying to build bridges and understanding between the two groups. One part of the day focused on a product that will be launched in the new year.

I facilitated a session where each group (sales and marketing) separately worked up the key questions that the other group needed to answer in order for the product launch to be a success.

It was a very interesting session and a lot of energy, passion and frustration was aired by both sides. I thought my blog readers would be interested in their answers, as perhaps they are not unique to this particular organisation. I wanted each group to agree on only 5 questions, but we had trouble getting the (nearly 100 questions collated) narrowed down to justĀ  five. So, here are the 6 top questions the sales team wanted marketing to answer prior to launching the new product:

  • How does our product save the customer time, money or pain over their current situation (or supplier)?
  • What is available to prove the above?
  • At what point in the sales process should I use the various collateral that you have generated?
  • Once I secure the sale, who will ensure the on-going relationship?
  • Are we working for market share, sales volume or margin?
  • What should I be spending less time on so that I can put effort into this new product?

Please comment if you think there are more important questions that should be answered.

Next time I will blog on what Marketing wanted Sales to tell them.

2 Responses to “What Sales Want Marketing To Tell Them”

  • Great posting Greybeard,

    It sounds like it was a very useful session

    I think that sales might also have asked marketing – “Who is the ideal customer for this product”


  • Trevor:

    Tony – that was one of the other questions (along with many, many others) that didn’t make the list. A lot of time and effort was spent trying to whittle them all down to the top ones. This was only part of the workshop that I had planned to deliver. But, the momentum overtook the day and I decided to go with it and focus on this and leave other material out. The last part is when the two groups were working together on “What Sales & Marketing want Management to Tell Them” – this will be part 3 of the blog.

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