Hot-desking is a common occurance at the work place where staff are regularly in and out of an office and there are more people than desks. The idea is that you don’t “own” any specific area or desk. The office is set-up so that you can sit, work and be productive on any desk. Busy exectutives and sales staff are often those that hot-desk as a result.

As I work from home most of the time (when I am not at a client’s office) I have a room set aside that I call my office. It’s just a desk, some computers and shelves full of files. You know the sort of thing. This is where I go to “do work”. When I am not working I can leave my office, shut the door and switch-off from work mode.

Over the last few months I have been experimenting with working in other areas of my house,  that’s one of the benefits of a laptop and wi-fi access to the internet.  I can work pretty much anywhere I want to. I don’t really need to be in my office to be productive. So, I have worked in the kitchen, on the dining room table, a desk in the garage, on the sofa , in a spare bedroom  and in those few warm days during July (sometimes referred to as “summer”) outside in the garden. And guess what? I think my productivity has improved as a result.

Working in a different space and location, even though I am still in my own house, has made me work differently. I can’t quite put my finger on why though. Maybe my brain is enjoying a different working environment? Maybe the chagne in routine is a benefit? But what does seem to be happening is that my thinking changes when I change the location I am working in. What might have been a problem in one area of the house becomes and opportunity when working in a different area.

If you work from home – try hot desking – and see what happens.

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