Better Be Prompt!I like to think that I am a fairly effective person. I run my own business – and do so on my own. This is by choice. I wanted to set-up a business where I didn’t need staff. I’ve done that before and much as I love working with and developing people, I’ve learned that I am much better at managing myself than I am at managing others. So, I outsource as much as I can: Book keeping, Accounts, a virtual PA for the phone etc. This leaves me free to focus on what I do best: which is to generate the income from my sales training and mentoring.

One thing that I often find I am helping my clients with is time management. An aspect of my training covers “What are you going to stop?” in order to find the time to put into practice some of the lessons covered when we work together. This question often gets the response “Oh, I will find the time because this is important”. However, unless we work at “What are you going to stop doing?” experience tells me that you will not find the time. Even if the client feels that it is important. All that does happen is that the stress levels increase.

You see we all have 168 hours a week to use (excluding leap years and when the clocks change) no more and no less. I like to think in terms of “weeks” as a unit of time effectiveness. I plan my week – and this leads simply to a daily plan. So, if I already have my 168 hours planned out (and that includes sleep, travel, R&R, family etc.) how much time is left for the other stuff? Well for me, typically, 32 – 38 hours a week.

So, when you are planning a new task, activity, initiative or area of focus. The first thing to ask yourself if “What am I going to stop doing in order to find the time to do this?” And if you can’t find anything to drop, don’t take on the new task. Otherwise you will find the time needed will be found by chipping away at other important items like sleep, family, hobbies etc. Which are all so very important.

How do you use your 168 hours at the moment? And is that the best use of your time?

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  • Vince kamp:

    I have found that planning just 3 important things each day has enabled me to ensure the important is not sacrificed for the urgent. I ask myself everyday ‘what 3things can I do today that will improve my business in the future?’

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