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tlc pumpkin


Later this evening you may be get some little visitors who knock at your door and ask “Trick or Treat?”

And as you look into the eyes of those little innocent people who are desperately hoping to be given some chocolate or something equally as sugar laden, what will you be thinking?


Me, I’m thinking two things:

  1. From an early age we are teaching people about the alternative close. Do you want A or B? With the assumption that you have to go for one of the options.
  2. Likewise we are teaching folks very early on about getting business through fear. What’s the cost of getting it wrong? Of doing nothing? Of not saying yes right now? “Of not doing what I want you to do?”

Sorry if I am spoiling your Halloween by looking at this festival through the salesperson’s eyes. But if you allow me to, there are a couple of lessons for you.

The Alternative Close

Do you want the blue or the red one? Shall I drop by to meet you on Thursday morning or Friday afternoon? Gosh, how many times have we come across this old chestnut? Yet still the training books are full of this type of ‘alternative close’ stuff. Can I let you into a secret? The client has probably read the books as well. It’s old school. Stop it. If by chance someone does try the ‘alternative close’ on you (and they still do) my response is something along the lines or “Are those my only options?” That usually takes the wind out of their sales (get it?)

The Fear Close

Although the idea tonight will be for many to get a little scared and frightened in safety – many are still using fear to motivate a client into saying “yes”. It’s far more beneficial in business to motivate people by the gains in making a decision. Focus on the upside and benefits to the client. You should never resort to fear – even as a ‘last chance’.

So, two thoughts for this special day.

Now what is that noise outside my door…..?