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trustAre there suppliers that you fully trust to always get it right and have your interests at heart? I’m guessing they are few and far between. But give it some thought – who do you really trust as a supplier? Then ask yourself – are they perfect? Have they never, ever made a mistake – is that why you trust them? Or if they have dropped the ball in the past did they put things right to your satisfaction? Is that why you trust them?

It seems to me that we trust suppliers that either have never made a mistake or because if they do, they put it right. Immediately, without complaint and whilst smiling. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was with some friends at a restaurant and we had wine with the meal. Two of my friends took a sip of their wine and thought it didn’t taste right. They thought the wine was corked. They called the waiter over and mentioned the problem to him. The waiter didn’t take a sip of the wine, didn’t challenge them at all. He simple apologized, took the wine away and brought a fresh bottle to our table. That’s perfect customer service. As you can imagine this restaurant already had a great reputation – but now it’s even better.

Earlier this week I updated an application that I have on my phone for storing sensitive information. I’ve used this program in various forms over the last 15 years or so. I keep all my passwords, logon details, licence numbers etc. in it. And up until last week I trusted the suppler. The update to their application deleted all my data. Yup, it deleted everything. Gone, kaput and no more. An email to their support team brought the response along the lines “sorry, there was a bug. We’ve fixed the problem so it won’t happen again. But we can’t get your data back”. So 15 years of trust and customer / supplier relationship has just gone out the window. Can I trust them not to do this again? Or could they make another mistake and allow the whole world access to my sensitive data due to another bug?

How many of your customers trust you explicitly? Is it because you have never made a mistake, or is it because you clean up the mess if you do? But see how easy it is to lost trust with a supplier.

I’m currently sitting on the fence. Do I look for an alternative application or give my current supplier the benefit of the doubt?

What would you do?