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good_bad_uglyToday at TLC World HQ I had a day at the desk. Tweetdeck is up on one of my screens as I worked and prepared for a couple of meeting later in the week. In the space of a few hours I read Tweets (amongst many others) that covered a wide range of customer service experiences. Some people happy, some complaining and some even taking legal action.

Social networks can make or break a reputation pretty quickly. No longer do we need to wait until a story gets into the press to see how the world works and what the public think… we can simply open up Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and see what inspires, or annoys people.

And the whole world is looking over our shoulder at what we like & dislike and making their purchase decisions accordingly.


Here Lego are likely to have a customer for life and enhance their reputation across Twitter. This is more than ‘good’ customer service, I’d rate this as ‘great’ customer service.


There are so many examples of bad customer service. It seems we are more likely to share and signpost these experiences than good ones. This article was signposted in one of the Tweets I saw: A third of consumers  have left a supplier after bad service.


Bad turns to ugly if the problems are not addressed. Here, poor service from leads a customer to taking legal action.


Increasingly, I don’t think I would work with a new supplier / service until I have checked out what people are saying on social networks.

What is the world saying about you on there?