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As a golden rule we professional sales types know that it is inappropriate and unprofessional to knock the competition.

An approach that I adopt when asked “What do you think about competitor X” or “How would you compare your product to product Y” is to reply: “Well, I have never bought from them or used them, so it’s hard for me to say. I’d also much rather compare my offering to your current requirements than to the competition”. Which nicely gets the conversation back on the right track.

So, why oh why do politicians not behave this way? Increasingly it appears to me, that election campaigns involve a fair amount of ‘knocking the competition'; either the policies, the personality of the other candidate or both. All too often (actually when an election is on, or not) a politician will answer a reporters question not by talking up their policy or record, but by talking down the approach of the competition and slagging them off.

It would be a much better world if the politicians followed the line of the sales professional and promoted their strengths, rather than the other fellow’s weaknesses.