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It seems to me that there is an increase in the kind of ‘Golden Bullet’ advice available on line with respect to sales and selling. This type of ‘help’ has always been around and although often focused on the marketing end of the process, is increasingly aimed at the sales end of the process.

You know the sort of thing: ’10 quick ways to close every prospect’, ‘Double your sales in half the time’ or ‘Sales Secrets from the Sales Masters’ type of advice. Yet if you actually read this type of article, there is nothing new or you knew the content already. I have several shelves in my office full of books on sales and selling, and I’ve actually read them all. Don’t get me wrong, they are full of great ideas, advice and strategies. But there are no quick wins or easy answers and it pains me when I see these ‘quick wins’ promoted and passed around.

At the other end of the spectrum is the wonderful book by Larry Winget “It’s Called Work For A Reason”. I love Larry’s style and content and all his other books are worth a look as well. Larry has it spot on and his ¬†philosophy¬†is summarised in the title. The main difference to those who succeed at sales, and those who don’t is the amount of shear hard work, effort and sweat they put in. They turn up and they put the work in.

Sorry, there are no quick wins. Just a steady, professional, methodical working of the plan by putting the time and effort in. Oh yes, and one little bit of additional advice (from my old boss) “When you get busy, don’t stop doing the things that got you busy”.

Sell Well.