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OK, this is the third and final part of the “Make it easy…” blog trilogy. This time it’s about making it easy for the customer to say “yes” to your product or service. You’d think this would be the easy bit wouldn’t you? After all the hard work of finding and nurturing the prospect to the decision point, you’d think that companies would make it easy to tip them over the edge into a “Yes” outcome. Amazingly many companies still make this bit difficult.

Years ago the bookshop Foyles had a bizzare purchasing system. (Maybe they still do, but after this experience I never went back), Having selected a book I walked over to the counter. The book was placed in a bag and I was then given a “ticket” to take up 3 flights of stairs where I would pay for the item. After paying on the top floor, the ticket was stamped and then I headed downstairs to trade my approved ticket for my book. Weird.

How about the automated phone systems where: 1) is for maintenance, 2) is for complaints, 3) is for finance etc. etc. and then, eventually 7) is for sales! Don’t laugh I had this experience only a couple of weeks ago.

Many e-Commerce sites want me to sign up, create an account, enrol for a newsletter etc. when all I want to do is get to the PayPal bit. Once I’ve made my purchase, give me the options of doing the other stuff afterwards. Don’t force me to do it before you have my money. I might just click-away.

Another company I (nearly) purchased from recently wanted me to open an account, provide trade references, do a credit check on my company etc. This was their “system” even though I was paying with a debit card.

The deserted isles of the self-service supermarket check-outs where you weigh, scan, bag etc. yourself, whilst having a dreary recorded voice complain “Foreign item in bagging area” are also clues that retailers are making life difficult for customers.

So, are you making it difficult for the customer to say “Yes” to what you offer? What obstacles are you putting in their way, that they have to jump over, in order to part with their cash?

I want the easy life when I am buying… so please, just make it easy for me.