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My last posting referred to making it easy for people to understand what you do. This time it’s about making it easy for people to find you…. in every sense of the word. This refers as much to the on-line as the off-line world.

In the on-line world most people will use a search engine to find you. So, make sure it is easy for people to find you – when using the terms and words that customers would use when looking for a solution. They may not know your jargon, so don’t base your SEO strategy around the assumption that people will kmow your product names, buzz words or phrases.  Or, if the potential customer does know your name, the name of your company, or the name of your product, make sure there are plenty of links and content for them to find when the enter it into their favourite search engine. Also make sure that your advocates and recommenders have links to your site on from theirs. This will also boosts your search engine ranking as well as increasing the chances that you will be “stumbled upon”.

When I have to travel to see a new company or location, I hate it when a website does not include an address with a post code that I can enter into my SatNav. That’s not too much to ask is it? And when I get near the location some good signage outside make it easy for me to find the correct building. Empty parking spaces marked “Visitors” (or even better, a space with my name above it if they know I am coming) make it easy for me to know where to park. Now you need to make it easy for me to know which entrance to go in, and easy for me to make myself known at reception (if it exists) and easy for me to find the right office etc.

Otherwise I end up in the wrong place, or in a bad mood, or both. Not a good way to start off a potential new relationship. But if it’s easy to find you it puts me into a good mood, and frame of mind, before our meeting has even started.

So don’t put me in a bad mood by making it difficult to find you. Whether in the on-line or off-line world.

Just make it easy for me.