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crossing the boxIsn’t it amazing how all these politicians appear when they want something? They are on TV, they are in the local shops, schools and factories and they also may come to your house. And why is this happening? It’s because they want something – they want my vote.

Salespeople are often like politicians. You only see them when they want something. For politicians it’s your vote, for salespeople it’s your order.

Professional salespeople on the other hand you see even when you are not in the market for something. These sales people value the relationship and the opportunity to better understand your requirements. They check-in and ensure everything is OK and bring advice, help and suggestions – at no charge.

So if you don’t see a salesperson, or company representative, when you are not buying – perhaps that company is not really interested in you? Professional salespeople know that the best time to build a relationship is not when they want something (your order) but when there is no pressure on one side to sell and the other side to buy. A long term relationship will lead to long term and repeat business, which surely is of interest to both parties?

Perhaps politicians might learn a thing or two from professional salespeople?