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23-wordpress_logoHave been looking at WordPress themes to try and make this site look a little more interesting. So it’s likely that the look and feel will be changing quite a bit for a while as I play and learn about themes. Having had a brief look around what is available and possible, it does raise the question: “Why would you use anything else to create a blog or web site?” I mean it. Why would you pay a programmer / marketing company to create your website? And then have them charge you for applying updates or writing a content management system? For the majority of small (and many larger) businesses WordPress is an opportunity for both the designer and the client. Maybe job security is preventing many coders and designers from mentioning this at new business meetings?

btw – thanks to Mark Mapstone for pointing me in the right direction on how to use themes.

twitter1I’ve been a user of Twitter for well over a year now and have made some useful contacts and connections as a result. It’s even resulted in some business – but that’s not the reason that I Tweet (to use the jargon). However, last Friday I found that my Twitter account had been hacked into and someone (or something) was sending out Tweets from my account @TrevorLever.

Well I had heard of this sort of thing happening to celebrities. But why would someone want to do this to my account? Could it be the start of some identity theft scam? It left me with a very funny feeling about social networking (You can also find me on Facebook, Ecademy and LinkedIn) and has made me think twice about passwords, secuity and working in internet cafe’s.

Currently @TrevorLever is sending out Tweets with links to porn sites. Honest it’s not me. I’ve spent the best part of this weekend notifying all those that follow me of what’s happened as I have clients, friends and family following me.

So I have had to create a new Twitter account: @RealTrevorLever

If you are following @TrevorLever – please unfollow and follow @RealTrevorLever

The moral? I’m not sure – I need to think about that one a bit more.


istock_000000539892mediumIn one of my recent sales training workshops we got into an interesting discussion about the definitions of “sales” and “marketing”. I’ve looked both of these words up in the past, in several dictionaries, and never been really happy with what I read. They never got to the essence of what I felt about these two topics. So, we explored these words in the training session.

There were 6 (plus myself) in the room and we had around 100 years collective experience of actually working in sales and/or marketing, primarily in the business-to-business environment.

Here’s what we decided:

1. Marketing is generally an arms-length activity. Sales requires you to be close to the customer.

2. With marketing you don’t get to converse directly with the customer. Sales requires conversation and interaction.

3. Marketing is typically a 1-2-many experience.  Sales is typically a 1-2-1 experience.

4. Marketing tries to highlight problems, failures or opportunities. Sales tries to highlight solutions and success.

5. Marketing focuses on “later”. Sales focused on “now”.

6. Marketing mainly leaves physical things with the customer (the exception being on-line). Sales leaves memories and perceptions.

7. Marketing starts of a journey. Sales finds the destination.

8. Marketing is about transmitting. Sales is about receiving.

Of course, these are generalisations. But I hope you find some empathy with the thoughts we captured in my training room that day. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the definitions of sales and marketing. Over to you…