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mum-and-dad-004In no particular order:

1. Poor customer service. That’s why I write my other blog “The Order Prevention Department” This covers examples of where individuals and organisations go out of there way to prevent me from buying goods or services from them.

2. Bureaucracy. I see red whenever I get a 5 page form to fill out where many of the questions either don’t relate to me, are petty, or don’t have a tick box answer that covers my situation. Or I have a letter with a “Reference Number” that contains more digits than that required to cover the ant population of the entire planet.

3. Americanisms. Specifically words, phrases and customs that are imported (usually through the media) into the UK. So that we now have teenagers having Prom Nights and Trick or Treat.

4. Bad Manners. It really doesn’t cost much to say “please” and “thank you”. It also sounds better when you mean it.

I also reserve the right to update and ammend the above list from time to time. Gosh, reading back does make me sound like a grumpy old man. Maybe I should rename the Blog?